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Whale Slayer 2.0

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South Korea's No.1 Trading Bot.
WS is South Korea’s No.1 algorithmic trading solution that enables users to trade cryptocurrency automatically for 24/7. We have applied a scientific and systematic method to develop sophisticated trading models; a combination of data, computing power and financial expertise. Furthermore, we utilize blockchain technology to enable reliable transactions and ensure legal clarity for every trade made by bots. WS is designed to leverage both our historical analysis and real-time market information to help users navigate through volatile market conditions.
Our Approaches

Quantitative Research

WS is a reflection of our core investment philosophy and grounded in our extensive research into the markets’ most reliable and enduring sources of alpha.

Machine Learning

Algorithm Trading drives our business. We use machine learning and data technologies to find most adequate trading strategy and seek connections in cryptocurrency world.

Smart Contract

WS now runs with Smart Contract to automatize profit allocation process. The meticulously designed digital protocol (ran by Ethereum Network) will help users freely use.

Arbitrage Trading

WS’s arbitrage trading has unique trading algorithm. It does not send assets directly from one exchange to another but play a short game of spot and futures trading.

WS Performance in 2017

150% Increase
in Number of BTC

In 2017, Whale Slayer has successfully increased 150% in Number of BTC. With its mature and strong strategy, Whale Slayer has effectively proved the efficiency of algorithmic trading by increasing the number of BTC in 2017.


Integrated API of
8 Exchanges

We provide integrated API of multiple cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe in order to allow any global users to gain access to the platform regardless of preferences over exchanges and help users to manage their assets at their preferred exchanges by enabling bots to execute the trading through our integrated API.


Patent for World-Class Arbitrage Trading Algorithm

Korbot Platform has received two patents from Korean Intellectual Property Office with its World-Class technology of ‘Arbitrage-Trading & Overseas Remittance Method’ and ‘Trading Algorithm Registration’. Possessing its own technology about Algorithm Trading which has achieved recognition, Korbot Platform will successfully lead users to the world of Arbitrage Trading.

4 Years of R&D and
Magnificent Achievements
  •  WS 2.0
  •  WS 1.0
  •  BLSH 7.0
  •  BLSH 5.0

Maximum BTC


12,800 BTC


6,400 BTC


800 BTC


540 BTC

Testing Time


2017 Currently Using from


12 Months


9 Months


8 Months

Number of Users


3377 Users


2870 Users


113 Users


23 BTC

Active Exchanges


7 Exchanges


4 Exchanges


2 Exchanges


1 Exchanges

Trading Types

For Low-risk Investors

We recommend Low-Risk Investors to use our Spot Trading Service. Spot Trading Bot acts accordingly to the market and makes profit when the market is clearly bullish.

For High-risk Investors

On the other hand, we recommend our Arbitrage Trading Service for High-Risk Investors. Arbitrage Trading Bot acts upon price volatility, regardless of market flow.

We Supports
  • BTC

  • ETH

  • EOS

  • BCH

  • XRP

  • USDT

  • KBOT

  • and more

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