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Bot Trading System

Bot Trading System
Bot Trading System (BTS) is a convenient control tower that helps management and maintenance of trading bots. At BTS, user not only control the bots, but also track the trading records, profit rate, redemption process, and KBOT wallet. Only when the bot makes profit, KBOT is subtracted from user’s KBOT wallet via smart contract which user and bot developer consent to. More importantly, user can access to most recent and accurate market data and news.
4 Advantages

Ease of Use

Click and drag is all you need


Supports English, Korean, Chinese and more step by step


Blockchain and Smart Contract protects every crucial data


KBOT community brings real-time news and fruitful information

BTS allows every beginner to easily use
world-class trading bot service

Major Features

Add/Delete Tools
There will be more than 20 widgets in the BTS. User may add their own widget or download from the KBOT Store by spending KBOT. There is no limit for the imagination.
KBOT Smart Contract
In additional to core principles, scientific research and world-class algorithm, we use machine learning and data technology.
KBOT Index
KBOT Index shows crucial data that bot uses to make strategies and thus a decision. User may use this index to change the setting of the bot and hence the result.
My Assets
My Assets show the total asset that bot is managing at different exchanges. This is possible since KBOT platform uses integrate API to gain information of dispersed assets.
KBOT Group Chat
Why don't you find your co-investors and share information and insights? You may create your own clan, make friends, and find the best investment strategy worldwide.
Bot History
It is important to monitor bot's performance as its owner. Learn how the bot buy and sell, its profit per trade, margin fee, and most importantly its status.
How BTS Works

KBOT Wallet

KBOT Wallet is provided to enhance customer experience. Using KBOT Wallet, the user may freely use the smart contract, trading bot, and other tools at the platform.

My Assets & Profits

The widget provides the information about the arbitrage market in general, along with current asset, weekly profits, and projected performance in the future.


The user may choose between spot/arbitrage trading bot developed by the Korbot Labs. For conservative investors, arbitrage can be the best solution.

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