KBOT Token

Anyone can be a user of Korbot Platform, including Individuals, Institutions and Developers. Everyone of them will be able to easily capture the promise of alpha from joining Korbot Platform as Korbot Platform provides market of competitive bots from KBOT store and handy management with Bot Trading System.
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KBOT Distribution

Total 200,000,000 KBOT

50% Distributed 

42% Escrow 

8% Korbot LABS 

We strongly believe that real value of KBOT comes from its usage. To maintain KBOT tokenomics alive and healthy, liquidity and utility should be derived from the real world — for our case, from the Platform users. We have initiated ICO to grow the KBOT community and to incentivize market making activity; thus, increasing the real demand for KBOT. Those who have participated in KBOT ICO are either strategic partners or algorithmic traders, mostly with large digital asset to be managed.
To relieve KBOT oversupply and price manipulation, Korbot LABS stores 50% of KBOT supply using a cryptographically secured escrow account. Also, the reserved amount will be systematically vested to the market in accordance with achievements in product development, operation and KBOT market performance. Every change in circulating KBOT will be monitored by us, investors, and community for 24/7. Most importantly, KBOT tokenomics strictly follow mathematically and economically engineered law and standards.
KBOT Burning

23% of quarterly profit


will Burned

We will share the revenue generated from operation in the form of token burning. We are strongly convinced that our revenue includes the value of networking effects by the KBOT community, which should be shared altogether. We will burn KBOT in circulation corresponding to the 23% of quarterly profits of Korbot Platform until the total supply reachers 100,000,000 KBOT.
Burning process and the details will be transparently announced in our website and communication channels simultaneously. Token burning is processed through the smart contract and will be irreversibly displayed in the KBOT blockchain explorer. Continuous token burning mechanism will make KBOT stronger, greater, and incomparably valuable.
KBOT Vesting
We will not produce KBOT more than the preliminary issuance amount of 200,000,000 KBOT. The initial circulation amount will be around 116,000,000 KBOT. The additional 16,000,000 KBOT will be supplied for operation such as airdrop, exchange listing and business partnership. Then the remaining 84,000,000 KBOT will be gradually vested in the market in the form of incentive for the team, community, partners and special reserve.
KBOT’s vesting process has no difference from the burning process. We will make sure the vesting do not disrupt KBOT’s market performance both in short and long term. Sufficient mathematical calculation and research will make sure the vesting make positive impact to the KBOT community and to Korbot Platform. Vesting amount will be decided in accordance with the team’s quantifiable performance and achievements.
KBOT ICO Details
We have methodically sold KBOT to selected venture capitals, private investors, and institutional investors who may be our potential institutional clients. We are strongly convinced that KBOT should be distributed to the trading bot and platform clients to make real value. Also, we fully acknowledge the risk in which there is not enough KBOT supply in the market. To reduce the risk, we will try our best to list KBOT to multiple cryptocurrency exchanges by using our unique exchanges listing strategies.
KBOT Users
From individuals to bot developers, anyone can be a User of Korbot Platform and KBOT.
We are convinced that blockchain technology will bring trust, efficiency, and cost cutting to everyone in the platform. We also believe that only the commercial use of blockchain is valuable and sustainable. Adequate use of distributed ledger will help Korbot Platform to grow from two-sided platform to three-sided platform, in which every participant create and share the real economic value the platform possesses.

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