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Pursuing excellence in work. Believing in the power of team. Valuing Integrity and leadership. Acting upon the belief that algorithm-based trading is the best measure to approach the cryptocurrency market. We are Korbot LABS.
We do not follow a typical blockchain project nor we are a hedge fund. We are innovators and engineers who believe in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) and have experienced unparalleled benefits from algorithmic trading. We conform to principles of technology, innovation and investment management. New and exciting fields like blockchain, smart contract, machine learning and data analysis all guide us. Since 2014, we sought for the best method to trade BTC and other digital assets. From then, we never stopped moving forward developing and innovating to create our current arbitrage trading bot.
We work to serve our clients and our platform participants. With our trading algorithm, we have supported more than 3500 amateur and professional investors in South Korea’s cryptocurrency market. The clients from different regions, nationality, property, credits and other backgrounds will be able to utilize our service without difficulty through the platform. Korbot LABS has one simple business goal: provide world-class algorithmic trading solution and maximize investment efficiency and managerial capacity.
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We drive the mission and execute strategies for Korbot LABS;nurturing talents and shaping company’s unique culture.
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help maintain stronger networks and manage risks for greater success.
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