∞ Reasons to Join Korbot LABS

Role & Teams

Calling all quants, marketers, problem solvers and programmers. We're hiring.
We have an array of jobs in both technical and non-technical areas — work with one group, have a hand in another. Our collaborative environment requires strong leadership, speed and excellence in work. At Korbot Labs, you will innovate alongside specialists in algorithm, computing, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency market, and countless other disciplines.
We’re Hiring
  • KBOT Research &

    We work our best to predict
    tomorrow’s KBOT performance.

  • Software

    We create and manage the
    platforms and systems.

  • Data Science &

    We improve the performance
    with statistical analysis.

  • Marketing &

    The frontline of maintaining and
    expanding capabilities of our clients.

Our Culture

We’re rigorous about our work and serving our clients and community.
We’re building a great platform and a great culture. The platform will improve the life quality of all cryptocurrency investors and shift to algorithmic trading will alter the way people understand and treat cryptocurrencies. And we’re seeking solutions to the hardest problem in the cryptocurrency trading market, creating a collaborative learning environment to tackle them. Here you’ll find exciting challenges, diverse opportunities and best partners.
Help Us Innovate Trading Culture