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: KBOT is a cryptocurrency which is used only in Korbot Platform. It will be utilized for profit return, service purchase, activity compensation and etc. We believe that KBOT has two strengths which make KBOT better than other various utility tokens. First of all, KBOT possesses the real value and usage while most other utility tokens only have fancy ideologies with face value. Secondly, KBOT has its own unique platform where it can be used in, which assigns KBOT a real value and usage. With these strengths behind, KBOT can be differentiated from other utility tokens, which only have face value without the method of real usage.
: We will design KBOT to be purchased only at Exchanges as the price of KBOT has to be adjusted by the rational market logic. If participants of our ICO provide KBOT to Exchanges, people who were not the part of ICO will be able to purchase KBOT at Exchanges.

: We are currently targeting Exchanges which are located at Korea, Japan, Hongkong, and the US. Furthermore, we are planning to mainly target exchanges which provide integrated API. We believe that focusing on the project of increasing users and enhancing the quality of the Platform is better rather than focusing on simply listing KBOT to numerous exchanges.
: Only venture capital and Private Equity Firms are allowed to participate in private sale as our Fundraisers. This is because we are aiming suitable amount of investment just for the Platform development and company management, compared to some ICO projects which are planning to raise absurd amount of fund. Also, our ICO process will be First Comes First Served and the process will be end after the funding is done during Private Sale period.
: Yes. Fundraises cannot purchase more than 5% of total KBOT supply. This is to prevent the monopoly of certain group on KBOT ecosystem. Moreover, we believe that the ecosystem of KBOT can be diversified as there will be a room for various fundraisers by setting 5% limitation.

2. WhaleSlayer

: WS processes purchase/sell based on the real time market price data from 5 exchanges in the world (Binance, Bitfinex, OKEx, Huobi, BTCBOX). By doing this, WS proceed trading based on the combined data of 5 exchanges which shows optimal price of cryptocurrency price.
: WS is the most experienced algorithm in the world as it has finished its realtime application of 50 months market data since 2014 in Algorithm Trading and it is still getting experienced through learning machine. Furthermore, KBOT has been supplied to CoinLink, which is the only Crypto Exchange which has been listed in KOSDAQ. Moreover, WS has acquired a patent for its unique technology in South Korea.
: To be honest, there is no perfect Algorithm Trading Bot which always makes profit. However, WS is designed to minimize the loss of investors(users) during the unfavorable market condition. Nevertheless, if the market condition is favorable, WS will definitely gain profit to investors(users).
: The Minimum/Maximum amount of Asset which bot can handle will vary by the design of developer. WS, for example, which will be the first bot which users will meet can manage minimum 3BTC to maximum 128,000BTC.
: WS does not has the authority of the withdrawal of money but only has the authority of purchase/sell/cancelation/transactional info. So, if users safely manages his/her ID, password, and OTP of their account, there will be no threat or possibilities of hacking.

3. BTS

: Users have to deposit 1,000KBOT via smart contract in order to activate the Platform. The Platform will be deactivated if the amount of KBOT goes below 1,000KBOT.
: We are expecting that our platform will be able to remove the suffering and difficulty of manual trading through providing individuals our Algorithm Trading Bot (WS). By doing this, we believe that the new culture of Algorithm investment will spread among investors. This new culture will increase the investment efficiency through decreasing emotional exhaustion which is occurred by staring computer screens all day long for example. Additionally, we are also anticipating that this new culture will make the Cryptocurrency Market to be matured by alleviating speculation and Pump and Dump. And furthermore, it will decrease the imbalance and uncertainty by settling the culture of collecting valuable information rather than focusing on facial price of Cryptocurrencies.
: The main factor which decides the Network Effect of Korbot Platform is the quality of Bots. If the number of great Bots increases, users will increase too and this will eventually cause better Bots to appear. In order to certify the standard of great Bot, we are currently planning of using two methods. Inducing all users of the platform to testify certain Bot and providing Bots which have passed 720H data test are those.

4. KBOT Store

: Bot providers can be both Individual and enterprise. They can either develop Bots with familiar languages (Python, PHP, C+, Etc) or with B-CODE we provide. We are planning to cultivate additional Bot developers through B-CODE and Education.
: Korbot Platform induces the competition between Bots. By making the ecosystem of infinite competition, there will be always various Bots which claim to be the best. After all, by selecting optimum Bots for each investor’s circumstances, Large investors will get benefit by fining better Bot compared to the past and Small investors will get benefit by using Bots which they were not able to use at the past time.
: Until now, Bot developers have been suffered by the problem of scalability as it was difficult for them to advertise their Bots, gain safe redemption of profits and getting certified of their bots from real users. However, by participating Korbot Platform, Bot developers will be able to advertise their Bots to numerous users in the Platform, gain safe redemption of profit by Smart Contract and get certified of their Bots from users.

5. B-Code

: B-CODE is a tool to enable anyone who wishes to create automatic trading bot or algorithms. B- CODE is classified in stages for user’s convenience. The building process through B-CODE will be easy and fun with simple click & drag functionally. All created algorithms/bots will go through 1- minute testing with 50-month period of data digestion and check its profit rate in BTC or USD. After this step, the products go through publicizing and voting process before being available at KBOT Store.
: It is classified in Beginner class, Intermediate class, and Specialists class.

(1) Beginner class
: Beginner level B-CODE does not require participants to write their own code It will be based upon WS algorithm and manipulate its sensitivity, entry level point, type of cryptocurrency, frequency, and more. Creating and testing procedure takes about 3 minutes.

(2) Intermediate class
: Intermediate level B-CODE allows a more diverse alternation of algorithms. Different indexes and conditions are set on top of WS algorithm and make the bot more detailed This process also takes around 3 minutes.

(3) Specialist Class
: Specialist level B-CODE enables developer to write their own bot algorithm in code. Participating developers may utilize such system to produce their own algorithm and examine its performance. Creating and testing specialists level B-CODE could take long periods of time.

6. B-Code

: Our team possesses powerful and substantive Teamwork,
Technological Excellence, and Experience.
We are divided into 4 groups which are,

(1) Strategies & Operation :
Responsible of Platform Design, Finance, Strategy, and operation.

(2) Platform Development :
Responsible of building Platform and Debugging.

(3) Marketing & Communication :
Responsible of Platform advertisement, community management, and Customer service.

(4) Education & Design :
Responsible of making Platform explaining materials (Documents & Video).

: Advisors will be in charge of three tasks.

(1) Providing their professional knowledge and experience.
(2) Advertising the Platform through their own network.
(3) Offering business opportunities, infra, and human resources.

Advisors will provide their strategies and analysis as the Ambassador of Korbot Platform.
They will also join various KBOT Meet-up for communicating with on/offline users.
: : The team is planning to establish Partnerships for getting actual help in the field of Platform development and management. By establishing substantive and effective Partnerships, Korbot Labs is trying to solve four problems.

(1) Security : their professional knowledge and experience.

(2) Legal : the Platform through their own network.

(3) Media : business opportunities, infra, and human resources.
Advisors will provide their strategies and analysis as the Ambassador of Korbot Platform.
They will also join various KBOT Meet-up for communicating with on/offline users.

(4) Exchanges : Korbot Labs is targeting various Exchanges in order to make numerous users to easily use our Platform. By establishing the Partnership with Exchanges, we will integrate API and decrease the transaction fee.

8. Others

: Currently, Algorithm based trading takes more than 92% of trading volume in Stock Market. On the other hand, the trading volume of Algorithm based trading takes only 20~30% in Cryptocurrency Market for now. We believe that this is because the difference of the main agents in each market. In other words, large hedge funds are the main agent of Stock Market, which is compared to the Cryptocurrency Market where individuals are the main agent. However, the number of large hedge funds with Algorithm Investment tools is increasing day by day in Cryptocurrency Market. As a result, the volume of Algorithm Investment will exponentially grow with the increase of hedge funds in the Cryptocurrency Market.
: The answer for this question is simple. Individuals have to start Algorithm Investment because it is better than manual trading. Compared to the Stock Market, the Crypto Market goes 24/365 and does not allow individuals to lose their tension with its volatility. Additionally, the Crypto Market does not have safe guards for individuals such as circuit breakers or high/low limits. Furthermore, it is very difficult for individuals to collect various market information for them to make exquisite decision. However, Algorithm Investment will solve these problems for individual investors.
: Yes. Anyone who is currently using the internet and Exchanges which provide integrated API can use the Platform.
: We are not like other ICO projects which try to get invested with their ideologies. Therefore, users can directly experience our Platform after ICO is over. We are processing ICO for raising funds for development and extension of the Platform which we have proposed in the Use of Proceed. We are not ideologists, but we are the Fintech which pursue benefit at the price of providing valuable service rationally.
: Our long-term goal is to raise the volume of Algorithm Trading in Cryptocurrency Market up to 90% and maximize the efficiency of investment. We strongly believe that Algorithm Trading culture will bring investors back their real lives, not looking at the computer screen for all day long.
: Korbot Platform’s first users will be our original 3,500 WS users. With this, we are planning to recruit users by KBOT airdrop event, expansion of our community channels, and advertisement base on utilizing our database.
: It is because those four countries possess 94% of total Cryptocurrency trading volume. Also, top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges are all located in those four countries. With these facts, we think that we will be able to effectively substitute those 94% of trading volume into Algorithm trading volume by providing our service.
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